Exercise and Osteoarthritis

If there is pain, don’t do it right? Well yes and no. It’s not ideal to push through the pain, you are likely to cause more damage and further degeneration. However, becoming suddenly sedentary isn’t the best idea either. Exercise is really important to improve joint range of motion and to strengthen the muscles around the joints. Think about it, if you have little of no cartilage, the shock absorption is no longer there. You also likely have a lot of pain and inflammation.

Strengthening the muscles around the knee, will in effect help to pull the two surfaces away from each other, supporting the joint more and significantly reducing pain. Exercise that strengthen the quadriceps are ideal for this. Gentle exercise such as walking and swimming are great for joint range of motion, but don’t go out for a jog or some high impact aerobics. It’s likely to cause you a lot of pain! Anything where you are putting a lot of repetitive stress through the affected joint is only going to make things worse.