Walk with pain?

Should you push through the pain barrier? It’s a common question many arthritis sufferers ask themselves, and rightly so. There is so much information out there now about the benefits of exercise for arthritis. It is all true, but most people with arthritis don’t do the exercise necessary. The trick is to know what kind of pain is OK. Aggravating already deteriorating cartilage isn’t a great idea, but exercise is very important for joint health and must be integrated into treatment plans.

When pain is OK and you should proceed with caution

  • If you have sore and aching muscles, this will not aggravate your arthritis
  • You have discussed it with your doctor and they have approved exercise

Don’t exercise and consult your doctor

  • Your joints are swollen and warm.
  • Exercise makes your joint pain worse
  • You get pain and cannot walk properly, i.e limping
  • Your joint feels unstable or locks
  • The pain is wore after exercise and doesn’t improve