Curing Arthritis: The Natural Arthritis Treatment

We all are aware of a very common disease “Arthritis”. For those who have not heard it’s the inflammation of the joint or joints. Mostly, this disease takes a toll in the old age and operation and some medicines are considered its cure. These medicines have their own side effects and hence nowadays people are opting for Natural Treatment of Arthritis. Another type of arthritis is the Rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune disorder.

So whether it is Osteo-arthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis people are opting for the natural treatment. Some of the most popular rheumatoid arthritis natural treatment includes Vegetable juices, green salad, cooked vegetables like pumpkin. Spices like turmeric and ginger extract act as a powerful anti-inflammatory herbal extracts that have proved to be more effective in treating rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Eating fruits liberally especially apples, oranges, grapes, papaya do help a lot. Vitamin E helps in preventing breakdown of cartilage and also helps in generating the necessary component for producing the cartilage. Certain foods need to be avoided for example fried and spicy food, chocolates, sugar and tea. Change in eating habits plays an important role in treating arthritis. Diathermy which is a very popular mode of deep heat treatment if used regularly brings in a lot of relief. Exercising on daily basis in addition to diet and physical therapy does provide a natural treatment for arthritis.

There many natural home remedies which have been proved to be very helpful in treatment of arthritis. Some of them are: raw potatoes juice, eating raw or cooked garlic, a diet of bananas for three to four is advised in treating this situation. Eating eight to nine bananas daily also helps. Intake of lime juice diluted in water every day helps in natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Check out other natural arthritis treatments such as arthritis gloves and glucosamine 1500.


  1. Mfundow says:

    Hello, Im a 22yr old guy and hav had a leg(right) problem 4 about 12mnths now. It started at the foot, It wud be fine during the day but ache at night, a few months in the pain wud hav me limping during the day aswell. After abwt 6mnths it got so bad that I cud nt sleep at night bcoz of pain, it wud be a twitching, spasmic pain at the hip joint and the hip area, top of knee and leg wud swell up and be a dark colour. Xrays and a blood test wud show dat im fine whch was what delayd me from getting help until my mothers med-aid had me suspendd, whch had me going to public hospitalz dat kept postponing my appointmnt date until I gave up. I stil hav no idea what my condition is and am stil very much in pain bt can atleast sleep at now after an injection I got from dis other doc I was recommendd. I walk wit crutches and my life is at a stand stil pls help atleast identify my condition nd ways 2 treat it pls. Thanx