Natural Cures For Gout

Before we get started with the natural cures for gout we need to know what is Gout. When the uric acid levels increase in the body it builds up as crystals in the joints causing inflammation and hence severe pain in the joints. There are few ways of treating Gout. The first one is to start with medication to bring down the level of uric acid and the other is to start with natural remedies which include changes in the diet and thus controlling the uric acid level in the body. Commonly this disease is seen more in men than women.

It’s very important to practice certain things in our daily life so that we can prevent the attck of gout. These include drinking a lot of water atleast more than six glasses a day. Regular exercise and avoiding food with high purine level is very important. In take of blueberry and lemon huice and food high in potassium helps in keeping gout away.

Despite all the preventive measures if you still happen to have developed Gout then it best to follow the natural cure for Gout. Drinking of fresh lemon juice and tart cherry juice works on reducing the uric acid level and also neutralizes the stomach acids. Instead of eating fried and heavy snacks its always good to treat yourself with a bowl of mixed nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Also grapejuice with a little of pectin is a great home remedy for treating and reducing gout pain.

Baking soda alkalizes the blood and hence is a boon to the Gout patients as it has proved to treat the gout attack. Drinking a glassful every two hours till the pain gets better. For this you need to mix half a tsp baking soda in six to eight ounces of water.

Natural remedies always help but if the pain does not heal then its best to consult the doctor immediately. You can find more joint remedies on the blog.