Treatment For Bulging Disc

Herinated disc is also called bulging disc. In this the inner nucleus of the disc presses against the outer disk wall causing it to bulge outwards. Usually there are two possibilities in a bulging disc case the first is that it will heal on its own and may not require any long term or drastic care. The second possibility is that the disc bulge gets worsen and in fact may also lead the disc to rupture. If this happens it can be very painful but at times the ruptured discs often do stabilize and the pain subsides all by itself. At times this can take a chronic turn and at that time the treatment becomes necessary.

Treatment for a bulging disc depends on the severity of the condition. Only in very rare cases would the doctor recommend a surgery. Generally rest and avoiding doing things that can trigger pain is recommended.

Some of the bulging disc treatments include cold ice and hot pack treatment. Both of them used according to the individual’s conditions yields helpful results. Some stretching exercises, yoga, walk and meditation helps a lot.

Physical therapy is also one of the most recommended treatments and is started with a proper diagnosis from the doctor

Very commonly recommended are the anti-inflammatory medications and then often provide relief to the patients. Once the inflammation gets reduced it further reduces the pressure on the compressed nerves and this helps in relieving the pain.

If there is a case of acute disc bulging then some oral steroid medications come very handy and helps the patient to feel better. This also reduces inflammation around the compressed nerves and thus relieves the symptoms.

Last but the most recommended in acute condition is the surgery. What a surgery does is that the herniated disc is removed and some space gets created and the nerve gets decompressed thus relieving the patient from the problem he was facing.

You may find that spinal decompression can help you immensely and it would be worth looking using a spinal decompression table, or a spinal decompression machine. This helps by opening up the space between the discs and creating negative pressure, thereby effectively helping the disc to go back into it’s place This is a very good therapy for this condition, and if you combine it with some light exercises you will find you have instant relief. You can find more natural joint pain remedies on the blog.