How Do Antioxidant Vitamins Help To Stabilize Totally Free Radicals?

The medical world has divided opinions about antioxidant vitamins. They prevent the free radicals from damaging cells and thus they fight old age and chronic disease. Antioxidant vitamins include beta carotene or a form of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. Many people are now taking some antioxidant supplement either to stay in good shape and maintain youth or to fight cardio-vascular disease.

Medical precautions!

At the moment, it is not 100% sure that antioxidant vitamins can improve heart conditions. Specialists’ recommendation is for people to eat a balanced diet with food from all the basic food groups. Antioxidant vitamins are normally taken from food and they are enough to keep you healthy. Better consume nuts, whole grains and fruits instead of supplements!

Other natural antioxidants!

Besides vitamin A, E and C, the body uses other substances and chemicals to fight the formation of the free radicals. It is good to know that free radicals appear not only as by-products of cellular activity but are also released because of sun exposure and pollution. Zinc, selenium, grape seed extract, gingko biloba and green tea have a powerful antioxidant action. Some of these are available in the form of herbal supplements, while the others can be taken directly from food. Drink one or two cups of green tea per day and have several fruit servings.

Antioxidant vitamins and physical exercises!

Very intense physical activity after long rest periods do more harm than good because they accelerate the release of free radicals and their damage rate. The best way to fight this is not to use more antioxidant vitamins, but to actually make physical exercises part of your lifestyle. Regular exercises boost up the body’s defenses against the action of free radicals. Nevertheless scientists can hardly give an answer to whether a supplementation of antioxidant vitamins will better help an athlete deal with cellular oxidation.

Whether to take antioxidant vitamins or not!

More and more medical experts recommend a balanced diet instead of supplements. A decade ago antioxidant vitamins were considered harmless, but their health effect is no longer believed to be that positive. At present, there is growing awareness on the potential toxicity of antioxidant supplements and their interactions. Stick to a balanced lifestyle and try not to over-supplement because that could do more harm than good. As long as we provide the right nutrients, our bodies should work automatically due to the fine tuning of the defense mechanisms.

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