Thigh Brace

Made of plastic, metal or elastic textile, the thigh brace is not as popular as the other kinds of medical braces.

Some use Velcro and straps to cover the thigh while the others use slip-ons. They are often draped around the upper leg to aid movement especially when you are engaging in certain kind of sports like kayaking. Nevertheless, they are also specifically used to limit movement and reduce the weight bore down to your thighs while keeping your body in the correct shape.

Thigh braces can be used to treat symptoms brought about by hamstring pulls, varicose veins as well as Iliotibial band syndrome. This is because they offer thigh and hip support protecting your leg from injury as well as keeping it firmly held in place.

You can find these braces available in many designs and sizes over the counter. You do not need to have a prescription from your doctor to buy certain kinds of thigh braces. The retailer can be able to sell to you with any special permit but you need to have a rough idea of what you intend to buy if not the proper specifications. On the other hand, some braces are very specific and in this case, you will need to get an orthopedic doctor’s prescription to buy such. Additionally, there are some custom made braces which are meant to meet specific measurements and requirements. These can take weeks to make.

When engaging in serious sporting activities, you can try out the spiral thigh brace. This provides stability hence preventing jerky movements by compressing the lower back to your ankles. This is also known to eliminate any hyper mobility’s symptoms.

When it comes to therapeutic uses, thigh braces support systems aid in controlling movement in terms of reducing excessive side or hip rotation and hyper mobility. For instance, people who have celebral palsy normally experience difficulty when it comes to controlling their thigh muscles. They also cannot walk straight. In this case, to keep the muscles straight and rigid, you can use the thigh wrap to exert pressure on the lower body. This inhibits slight leg crossing thus enabling you to walk straight. The brace will supply you with steadiness and if you exercise often you may experience some great improvement.

Thigh braces are comfortable, widely available and are easy to administer. They also come in different designs which are adjustable.