Back Surgery Recovery

After a back surgery, the recovery period is so stressful for the patients. A patient should get the utmost postoperative care for his early recovery. Care is need, as the back is an important part of the body where the spinal cord is situated. Any complications could result in adverse impact.

When in the hospital, there is nothing to worry about back surgery recovery. In the hospital, you get good care from the doctors and the nurses. Apart from the medicines, you would also get physical therapy, which is much need for a faster recovery.  The nature of the physical therapy mainly depends on the nature of the surgery. Even after being discharge from the hospital, you have to continue the physical therapy.

Suggestion of doctors

The doctors may also suggest back support braces, which help in keeping the back intact after a surgery. The braces not only give relief but also aids in faster recovery.

What you maintain after back surgery?

After a back surgery, one should have to maintain a healthy diet. Include more grains, lean meat and leafy vegetables in the diet. These help in replacing the tissue damages.


After a few months of back surgery, it is good to practise yoga for back pain relief. However, you should only practise under a yoga trainer or it will not give the desired result.  A yoga posture, if not done properly, will not deliver the right impact on the body. Moreover, great care has needed after a back surgery. Surya Namaskar or sun salutation, savasana or Corpse posture, Bidalasana or cat pose are consider good yoga for getting relief from back pain.

McKenzie back stretches

Apart from yoga, the mckenzie back stretches are also known to give relief to back pains. Developed by therapist Robin McKenzie in New Zealand during the 1960s, this method is widely prescribed for back pain relief. The method focuses on centralising the pain, which according to the therapist is a good way for effectively dealing with the pain. The McKenzie treatment focuses on the source of the problem rather than merely looking at the symptoms.

Prone lying, Prone lying on elbows, Prone press-ups, Progressive extension with pillows and Standing extension are some of the back stretches used in the McKenzie method.  In the prone lying method, just lie on the stomach with arms on the sides and head tilted to one side.   In the Prone lying on elbows method, lie on the stomach giving weight on the elbows and the forearms. The hips should touch the floor. In the Prone press-ups, lie on the stomach with palms near the shoulder.  After this, push the shoulders up slowly keeping the hip on the ground. When going for the Progressive extension with pillows, lie on the stomach and place pillows in the chest. In standing extension, place the hands on the back and lean forward.

Recovery after back surgery is time consuming and a person needs to be very patient. One should strictly follow the directions of the physicians for a better recovery. A systematic approach has needed for recovering in a fast way. Find out more about arthroscopic spine surgery and posture corrective brace, and how they can help you recovery from back surgery.