Joint Pain Causes In Women Explored

It is a well-known fact that everybody suffers from joint pain occasionally, maybe a sore shoulder, a painful knee, etc but according to research conducted, females are more prone to suffering from such pain as opposed to men. A majority of the joint pain sufferers are women. So what are the joint pain causes in women? Does this condition affect both older and younger women equally? What is the joint that pains the most?

Out of all the female sufferers of joint pain, most of them are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, also known as RA in short. This is an autoimmune disease which affects three times more females than males. Research show that women generally feel the joint pain more intensely and frequently as opposed to their male counterparts. The most common area where people suffer from joint pain is the hip. A majority of young women also suffer from joint pain. The joint pain causes in young women are the same as the ones in case of older women.

One of the main reason as to why women suffer from hip joint pain is menopause. When females reach the age of forty five years or fifty years, their bodies begin to undergo different hormonal changes because of the fast approaching menopause. It is during this period, i.e. the onset of menopause that women start suffering from hip joint pain. The truth is that the hip joint pain causes in women who are approaching menopause arise because of hormonal imbalances in their bodies.

It is a common misconception that women who are suffering from joint pain should not exercise because that makes matters worst. This cannot be further from the truth because there is nothing that keeps joint pain at bay like exercise does. Thus, out of the common joint pain causes in women, the primary one is lack of exercise. Another factor that contributes to joint pain in case of women would have to be stress. Females who aren’t very good at dealing with stress or combating it are the ones who find themselves the worst sufferers of joint pain.

Now, old age is one of the primary causes of joint pain in case of females who have attained a certain age but the same is not one of the joint pain causes in young women. Young women can suffer from joint pain due to long hours of standing, strenuous activities or because they suffer from some type of bone diseases. Apart from these, another possible reason could be heredity. There are some unfortunate females who inherit joint pain from their parents. Thus, it is important to get rid of the misconception that only old people suffer from the same because this is a condition which only affects people irrespective of their age.

The best way to tackle the joint pain problem, be it the hip one, the arm one or the leg one would be to eat a healthy diet and to engage in exercise regularly. In this manner, one wouldn’t have to find out about joint pain causes in women.