Alcohol and Joint Pain

There are various reasons for joint pain such as arthritis, strains, sprains and injuries. Many suffer from joint pain. It seems that knee pain is the most common and hip and shoulder pain also cause joint pain for many. As a person ages, painful joints become more prevalent.

In addition, there are some who feel that drinking alcohol causes an increase in joint pain; however, it has not been proven yet if there is a link between drinking alcohol and joint pain. Some feel that being overweight or obese as more to do with joint pain than alcohol or smoking. It is important to note; however, that heavy drinking is a factor for gout. Gout is an inflammatory condition of the joints; brought on by a buildup of uric acid. Gout, as many who suffer from it know, it is a very painful condition.

Some feel that there is a link between drinking alcohol and weight pain, which puts strain on one’s joints and bones; which, in turn, causes joint pain and heightens the risk for osteoarthritis. So, in this case, alcohol could be a factor in joint pain. It is also important to note that alcohol can interfere with the effectiveness of some medications and increase the likelihood of side effects with others. Also, when alcohol is mixed with a substance such as ibuprofen, one can get an upset stomach. Keep in mind, too, that when narcotic pain relievers are taken with alcohol, it can cause drowsiness or death.

Alcohol can also affect joint pain by indirect methods such as dancing after having several drinks. Then, when a person falls asleep while being intoxicated and stay in one position, they may experience joint pain the following day.

To find out if alcohol is causing your joint pain, think over the occasions when you were drinking and what other activities you were doing at the time and if you mixed the alcohol with other drugs.

Some studies have been conducted that show when a small amount of alcohol is consumed, it can prevent or reverse rheumatoid arthritis. Many already know how a glass of wine each day helps keep one’s heart healthy. Because alcohol suppresses the immune system and because the immune system puts inflammatory substances to the joints to repair any damage that may have occurred, it is this way of thinking that a small amount of alcohol, in this case, may possibly help with joint pain.

Perhaps the best advice when drinking alcohol, is to drink it in moderation, be careful not to mix it with other medications and if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, talk with you doctor about the possible health benefits of drinking a moderate amount of alcohol. Alcohol and joint and muscle pain should be examined individually before treatment is given.