Home Remedies for Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that will affect us all one day. It is more often felt in those who are older or those who have spent their lives working in heavy duty trades. Luckily, for those who do suffer from joint pain there are many home treatments and remedies that can be utilized for soothing relief.

Joints are where bones are connected to others bones. Understandably, when you are injured or have an illness that affects the joints it can be quite painful. This is especially worse for those who work in fast paced environments or if their job requires lots of heavy lifting from them.

Luckily, there are many home remedies that everyone can make use of without losing too much time or money. These when utilized into a normal part of your everyday schedule will make life much easier, healthier and happier. As long as safe practices are used then you will leap for joy knowing your joint pain has left.

The single best treatment that one should use is to have a nice soothing warm bath. A hot bath can open the pores and allow good minerals and salts to cleanse the area and carry away toxins that aid in causing you pain. This method goes all the way back in time to when the Romans had bath houses. They used this same method combined with rubbing various herbs and oils for their health.

Another home remedy for joint pain in knees is to use a hot compress. Since the knees do a lot of work during the day as we walk around, they will be especially sore. Alternate between a hot and cold compresses. For 10 minutes use the hot compress on your knee. After switch to the cold compress for another 10 minutes. Continue until you feel better. It is said that you should also check for any discoloration, if there is any it is a sign to stop using the compress for the day.

In regard to home remedies for joint pain in hands, it is advised that you try out a stress ball. Using a stress ball for hands will help your hands build up muscle. It also allows your hands to slowly become more flexible. If need be consult a doctor before starting out. In working situations it is extremely beneficial that you stretch your hands and wrists before you start work so that they can have a good warm up. Warming up your muscles and joints makes them less susceptible to injuries.

When it comes to oils, it has been suggested using a castor oil pack will help alleviate pain. When applied to the area that is sore it is said to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and relieve any pain you may have for a couple of days. However, it is advised that pregnant woman should not use castor oil.

Certain types of exercise have also been known to help out with joint pain and swelling. It has been said by many who suffer from arthritis and joint pain that working a little bit with yoga everyday has helped them out immensely. Many studies have shown that even a small amount of yoga can help with joint paint, muscle stiffness, flexibility and your overall general physical wellbeing.
Some more preventative measures is to wear a brace around the troubling areas while you are working. This is a common problem for many factory workers who face repetitive, fast paced working conditions on a daily basis. Keeping the joint braced prevents any awkward movement and pressure from being applied. Along with this is to exercise after work. However, it should be exercise that counteracts the actions that you have been doing all day. If your job requires you to bend forward most of the time, it would be helpful to have a few different exercises that focus on stretching backwards. That way you are working your joints more evenly instead of just one way.

Slightly adjusting your diet can also help you out. Making a few cottage cheese snacks can ease your pain. Cottage cheese has amino acids that protect your muscle tissue from soreness and other damage. Ginger has anti-flammatory properties that also help you out. So makings some delicious spicy ginger cookies would brighten up your day for sure. Using olive oil when possible is also very healthy for your body. Blueberries are one other great addition to your snacks to keep your body running smoothly due to them contaminating anti oxidant’s. Blueberry muffins or bran cereal topped with fresh blueberries is sure to keep your energy levels up.

Now being more aware of some of the more easier and convenient methods to treat joint pain you can relax easier now. Joint pain is one of those ailments that you don’t want it getting the better of you. It can be tough and frustrating at times, but it can be combated.  There will be days where you will have to take it easy or to take the day off. However, the pain will pass. There are many home remedies for joint pain and swelling that when practiced in a normal schedule will make your life easier, healthier and happier.