Foods To Avoid With Arthritis

Arthritis is not an easy condition to deal with. Affected joints tend to ache all through the day and patients dread getting up in the morning to face another day of limited mobility. The smallest physical exertion can make joints ache, swell up and radiate with pain literally making patients weep with frustration. Flare — ups are also common in which joint pain seems to increase suddenly without the least provocation.

Treatment Should Help… Right?

Of course, treatments are available for arthritis but there is only so much that medical science can do for badly affected joints. Moreover, arthritis is not a single condition but a collection of more than a hundred disorders that show the same symptoms. Medical treatments usually involve painkillers and steroids while surgery is the final step to replace a badly damaged joint. Fortunately, researchers have noticed that strict diet control does seem to help in controlling the condition.

Foods To Avoid With Arthritis: Does Diet Control Really Help?

Doctors do recommend that patients watch what they eat very carefully. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition and any food that can reduce the inflammation (redness, swelling, pain) can certainly help the patient. Food will not be able to cure arthritis but patients will feel a significant difference as they start to watch what they eat.

Foods To Avoid With Arthritis Pain: How to start?

The best way to start is by consulting with a nutritionist or a diet consultant. The diet consultant will ask you to keep a food diary along with a symptom diary. You have to note down what you eat everyday and how your arthritis feels the next day. This will help the consultant find food items that are aggravating your arthritis in particular.

The nutritionist may also recommend specific diets like the Mediterranean Diet or the Anti- Inflammation Diet that are rich in natural anti-inflammatory foods. They might also ask you to start a weight loss routine to alleviate the stress on weight bearing joints. Apart from specific lifestyle changes and diet control, most rheumatologists also recommend you reduce or completely cut out these particular foods from your diet.

High fat, high calorie foods — These foods automatically contribute to the formation of fatty tissues and weight gain. It adds weight to the weakened joints and can worsen the paint.  Fatty tissue is normal, but it is a living tissue. It does manufacture hormones and enzymes which can add to the inflammatory reaction exacerbating the pain felt by the patient.

Red meat — Red meat is a huge aggravating factor for arthritic pain. According to a Swedish study, the body breaks down red meat through oxidation to produce oxygen radicals. This oxidation process also produces free radicals as side effects, which are responsible for the inflammation seen in arthritis. Researchers recommend that patients restrict their intake of red meat to less than 4 ounces twice a month or switch over to white meat.

Processed foods — Ready made foods contain a large amount of preservatives and chemicals that cannot be easily digested by the body. These chemicals may accumulate in joint tissue causing joint aches and pains. Instead of preserved and processed foods, nutritionists recommend you up your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.

Please note: These foods that inflame arthritis are a general guideline. You have to remember that every human body is unique. The only way you will be able to find your aggravating factors or aggravating foods is by keeping a food diary. Some patients may be unable to tolerate dairy foods, high carb foods, gluten, shellfish, beans or sugar.  We also recommend that you combine better nutrition, a gentle weight loss routine and medication to get your arthritis under control.