Knee Replacement Surgery for Women

One of the most recent developments in Orthopaedics is the event of “Customizable” Knee Replacements. What makes this knee substitute completely different from the more traditional approaches? The knee to get replaced will probably be scanned b buy cheap cialis online y MRI or CT to chart the precise dimensions of the knee. Using a […]

Why Should You Consider Lumbar Spine Surgery?

In many cases of lower back pain, unless traditional treatment plans didn’t work, if there is severe traumatic injury, and if the patient shows signs of accelerating neurological problems such as loss of bladder and bowel control and leg weakness, lumbar spine surgery will not be recommended. Also, certain abnormal spine curvatures such as scoliosis […]

How Do Antioxidant Vitamins Help To Stabilize Totally Free Radicals?

The medical world has divided opinions about antioxidant vitamins. They prevent the free radicals from damaging cells and thus they fight old age and chronic disease. Antioxidant vitamins include beta carotene or a form of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. Many people are now taking some antioxidant supplement either to stay in good […]

ASO Ankle Brace

Stressed your ankle, rolled off after a slip and you still want to continue with your basketball match the following week. ASO brace is the answer. Unlike the other braces which use plastic in form of rigid pieces to keep our ankle from rolling which in turn leads to uncomfortable and limiting movement, the ASO […]

Homeopathic Pain Relief

Homeopathic formulas for pain relief are normally a hundred percent naturally safe. They are also the strongest anti-inflammatory agents which can be found in the market today. How homeopathy works has remained a mystery. The substances are diluted and vibrated until no visible portion of the medicine remains yet it has proved to be very […]

Lumbar Support Belt

A good lumbar support belt will help to relieve any low back pain as that you might be experiencing as well as sciatica. This is done by stabilizing your pelvis, lumber spine and SI joints. It also comes in handy when you want to achieve proper posture more so when engaged in heavy lifting. Its […]

Hinged Knee Support

Who should wear knee support and when should it be worn? To begin with your doctor might suggest that you wear or use a hinged knee support as a result of an injury that you must have sustained. In this case you might wonder if you can use an old knee support that you have […]

Glucosamine Benefits

In January 2001 The Lancet discovered that using glucosamine benefitted osteoarthritis patients. Previous studies showed that it helps in easing pain, however according to experts the latest studies are showing that it can also improve joints’ structure. Since it is a naturally occurring product, why is vital to get extra quantities? The human body naturally […]

Shelfish Free Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a substance that is found in the body. It is natural and is made from glutamine and amino acids. Glucosamine produces glycosaminoglycan which is important in the repair and formation of cartilage as well as some of the tissues found in the body. However, when one ages, the cartilages becomes susceptible to damage […]

Shoulder Supports

Shoulder supports or shoulder support brace provides both support and compression for your shoulder while giving posture and joint support for your upper body. A majority of supports can be worn against your skin. There are a few that can be worn over your light clothing. Various shoulder supports are available depending on your need. […]