Arthritis of the Hand: Part 1

Arthritis of the hand can be very debilitating and can affect daily activities greatly. As mentioned in previous post’s, cartilage is basically the shock absorber of the joint. It provides a surface for the joints to glide over smoothly. Joints affected by arthritis have degenerative cartilage, which means it is slowly being worn away and […]

Arthritis and Acupuncture?

There are many alternative treatments out there for arthritis. The latest craze is the nutritional supplement glucosamine, to be used in place or in conjunction with anti inflammatory drugs. It is also quite well known that exercise and healthy lifestyle can and will ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis. But what else can we do? Acupuncture […]

Exercises for Joint Pain

Some exercises that are recommended for joint pain are Range of Motion Exercises Strength Exercises Hydrotherapy What are Range of Motion Exercises? Range of motion exercises help maintain normal joint function by keeping normal joint flexibility and range. Keeping a joint in a bent position may temporarily help to relieve the discomfort of osteoarthritis but […]

Shock Absorbing Shoes bad for you?

Here is an article I found on shock absorbing shoes and how they may not be the best option for someone with arthritic knees. From WebMD Those shock-absorbing athletic shoes and clogs designed to protect and cushion the feet may be bad for arthritic knees. When researchers examined the effects of different types of footwear […]

Quick Fact

An interesting fact I stumbled across. X-ray is a method of detecting osteoarthritis. By age 40, many people have some evidence of osteoarthritis on their x-rays. 70% of people over 70 have x ray evidence of osteoarthritis…but only half of those develop the symptoms.

Can I Prevent Arthritis?

Yes! Don’t be resigned to the fact that you will get arthritis as you age. Sure, you are more susceptible and most people develop some form arthritis, however a lot fo the time the symptoms can be prevented from showing themselves. Weight control is a big one, the less stress on the joints, the less […]

Will Joint Cracking Cause Arthritis?

NO! It might be making your neighbor slightly more annoyed than need be, but no, you aren’t going to develop arthritis from it. OK so if its painful, then chances are you are doing some damage. Joint cracking is basically when negative pressue is pulling nitrogen gas into a joint. It really isn’t harmful. Other […]