Pick Up Sticks

Many people suffering from arthritis are severely restricted in their mobility. A task such as bending down to pick something up off the ground may be a very painful, take a lot longer, or simply be impossible. There are many aids available to help people in this situation with everyday tasks. One such device is […]

Walk with pain?

Should you push through the pain barrier? It’s a common question many arthritis sufferers ask themselves, and rightly so. There is so much information out there now about the benefits of exercise for arthritis. It is all true, but most people with arthritis don’t do the exercise necessary. The trick is to know what kind […]

Can I Prevent Arthritis?

Yes! Don’t be resigned to the fact that you will get arthritis as you age. Sure, you are more susceptible and most people develop some form arthritis, however a lot fo the time the symptoms can be prevented from showing themselves. Weight control is a big one, the less stress on the joints, the less […]

Exercise and Osteoarthritis

If there is pain, don’t do it right? Well yes and no. It’s not ideal to push through the pain, you are likely to cause more damage and further degeneration. However, becoming suddenly sedentary isn’t the best idea either. Exercise is really important to improve joint range of motion and to strengthen the muscles around […]