Juvenile Arthritis

What is Juvenile Arthritis? There are over a hundred types of Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions that are characterized by painful, stiff and swollen joints. Arthritis that occurs before the age of 16 is called Juvenile Arthritis. This term refers to the many different types of arthritis that can occur in children. Juvenile Arthritis can occur […]

Weather and Arthritis

Many arthritis sufferers claim their joints hurt more under certain weather conditions. Is it true? Can weather affect your joint pain? There are conflicting opinions on the matter and there is still really no agreement on this issue. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, and fibromyalgia have all been reported by people to be affected by the […]

Tai Chi for Joint Pain

Everyday you see people around in parks and public areas performing some slow moving martial arts movements, it almost looks like a synchronized dance. Well what you are seeing is Tai Chi. Tai Chi has been practiced for years in China, and is now regarded as a therapy, a preventative measure and remedy for many […]

Hydrotherapy and Water Exercises for Joint Pain

Hydrotherapy and water exercises are a great option for joint pain and arthritis sufferers. It is well documented that exercise and activity will significantly help pain management for osteoarthritis. It will increase your joints range of motion, and strengthen the joint. Both of these lead to a healthier, more stable joint that will ultimately function […]

Glucosamine: what am I looking for?

Many glucosamine products sold on the shelves don’t give the consumer what they need. In the USA, these supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and the amount of effective ingredient cannot be verified. There is some conjecture over the most effective dose, and some supplements simply will not provide the benefit intended. Firstly, you […]

Walk with pain?

Should you push through the pain barrier? It’s a common question many arthritis sufferers ask themselves, and rightly so. There is so much information out there now about the benefits of exercise for arthritis. It is all true, but most people with arthritis don’t do the exercise necessary. The trick is to know what kind […]

Arthritis of the Hand: Part 3

  Treatment Options Medications Splinting Injection Surgery Exercise Medications Medications are widely used in the treatment of all arthritic conditions. However they cannot restore the joint damage, just alleviate the symptoms. Commonly, anti inflammatory drugs are prescribed. This stops swelling and pain. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are widely used for arthritis. They are basically the building […]

Arthritis of the Hand: Part 2

Diagnosis Arthritis of the hand can be diagnosed by examining the hand and by taking x-rays. If the x-ray is normal, sometimes a bone scan can help the doctor diagnose the arthritis in its early stage. Arthroscopy is another way to diagnose arthritis. This is a very invasive procedure and shouldn’t be used for diagnosis […]

Arthritis of the Hand: Part 1

Arthritis of the hand can be very debilitating and can affect daily activities greatly. As mentioned in previous post’s, cartilage is basically the shock absorber of the joint. It provides a surface for the joints to glide over smoothly. Joints affected by arthritis have degenerative cartilage, which means it is slowly being worn away and […]

Arthritis and Acupuncture?

There are many alternative treatments out there for arthritis. The latest craze is the nutritional supplement glucosamine, to be used in place or in conjunction with anti inflammatory drugs. It is also quite well known that exercise and healthy lifestyle can and will ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis. But what else can we do? Acupuncture […]