Exercises for Joint Pain

Some exercises that are recommended for joint pain are Range of Motion Exercises Strength Exercises Hydrotherapy What are Range of Motion Exercises? Range of motion exercises help maintain normal joint function by keeping normal joint flexibility and range. Keeping a joint in a bent position may temporarily help to relieve the discomfort of osteoarthritis but […]

GAIT Study

The recent GAIT study (Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial) checked out whether glucosamine supplementation would help pain and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. The answer is yes. For people with moderate to severe joint pain, glucosamine was just as effective as anti inflammatory drugs in reducing pain and symptoms. People in the States are realising what the […]

Exercise and Osteoarthritis

If there is pain, don’t do it right? Well yes and no. It’s not ideal to push through the pain, you are likely to cause more damage and further degeneration. However, becoming suddenly sedentary isn’t the best idea either. Exercise is really important to improve joint range of motion and to strengthen the muscles around […]

Causes of Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain

What are the causes of joint pain? Obesity Well you hear the term ‘obesity’ thrown around a lot these days. It’s becoming an epidemic, our population is getting fatter, and we are becoming more of a burden on the health system. We all know the main problems that associate with obesity, but it has a […]

Joint Pain

Joint pain is suffered by millions around the world. There are many underlying conditions that can cause joint pain, but the most common is arthritis. This site will focus on degenerative cartilage damage and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder and affects millions world wide. This disease causes the shock absorbers of the […]